About R20 Motorsports

We offer full service Dry Ice Automotive preservation services. If you have a classic or exotic vehicle we can use our extensive knowledge along with the latest dry ice technology to restore the undercarriage, engine bay and other hard to clean areas of your car.


Our Process.

At R20 Motorsports, we deploy innovative and cutting edge cleaning technology to clean and preserve your collector automobiles in places you usually don't focus on, underbody, wheel wells, engine bays and other complex areas.  We start with your goals in mind, whether that's concours prep, simply cleaning because you store your collection on lifts, or maybe you need help cleaning away dirt and grime to prep for mechanical repairs.  

Once we decide the direction with our client, the cleaning process begins and we communicate through text, photos and video our progress to discuss any surprises or assess our strategy real time.  Once complete, we typically painstakingly document the before, during and after results to ensure there is a transparent record of how your collector car has been preserved and transformed.


Industry Leading

We utilize equipment from Coldjet and Kaeser, industry leaders in their space


Strategies to Meet Your Needs

Every car is different and we strive to understand your goals and desires

Continuous Communication

We will constantly update owners during the cleaning process to determine if any changes in strategy should be decided 


The Finishing

We typically document through photos and video the transformation of your project to enable you to preserve the history of your project


Our Quality Guarantee.

The #1 goal at R20 Motorsports is the preservation of automotive history.  Each project has its own uniqueness and each car has a past that may be beneficial to the process or detrimental.  We spend a significant amount of time analyzing and setting expectations in the planning process with the owner.

At the same time, we attempt to constantly communicate and ensure each owner has ultimate input into the process to ensure the end result will achieve our client's goals.  We are automotive collectors and view our role as an experienced guide to your collection management and preservation

If at anytime owners are concerned or are experiencing any issues, we strive to adjust and meet your needs and we have a track record of satisfied clients and partners that show how much we care about this process and your

collector car.

Our Team.

R20 Motorsports was founded by Matt Rutledge an avid Porsche collector.  Matt spent 26 years in Finance and Marketing in the high tech industry and through R20 Motorsports, he is pursuing his automotive passion.

Matt Rutledge, Founder and Owner of R20 Motorsports

Matt Rutledge

Founder / Owner

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