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Bottoms up!

The process of selling a collector car today is vastly different than the old days when you could simply place an ad in AutoTrader. The rise of the online auction has changed the game, from waiting for phone calls, to a ticking clock with worldwide exposure.

Many collectors believe this process has driven up prices and made the market too' transparent. As a collector myself, I see it differently, these platforms have leveled the playing field and allowed cars that are well preserved and presented to shine and earn the value they deserve. The trick is participating fully and delivering on the promise these platforms offer their diehard customers.

One such change is the amount of information buyers now want to see. The bottom of the car often tells more of the story than the top and if you want to receive top bidding, you must pay attention to the details from below. Obviously our dry ice cleaning process can restore and make a car much more presentable. But if the car doesn't look good in the photos, all that expense to Dry Ice Detail has gone to waste.

Thankfully, we have the capability to help our clients present their "bottoms" in a very flattering way. Proper lighting, removal of protective panels and a few simple cleaning techniques will help improve the value of your collector car, even if it's not very old.

Take this 2013 Mini Cooper GP. This is a 7K mile car and we were able to raise it up, wipe down a few panels and treat the exhaust to make it look great. All that and a transparent auction with lots of detailed discussion and seller engagement. The result? The highest price ever recorded for a Gen 2 Mini GP on Bring-A-Trailer.

Give us a call today to discuss how we can help you capture your "bottoms" or manage an online auction on your behalf to maximize the results for your auction sale.

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