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Shocking Exhaust Results (Literally)

Updated: Sep 2, 2023

Our Dry Ice Blasting process is perfect to clean and restore the bottom of high end cars like this 1989 Porsche 911 Narrow Body Speedster. But no amount of blasting will turn a brown and ugly exhaust system back to silver again. We have discussed using an "Acid Wash" process in our blog and while that technique is great for light cleaning, sometimes we just can't eliminate the stains we need to.

In our pursuit of perfecting the bottom of every car, we have a new technology that enables us to refinish exhausts and other metals to a like new condition. This process we call ElectroPolishing and essentially uses a passivation process to remove oxidation and staining to return stainless steel back to factory new finish.

While exhausts are stainless, they typically are a lower grade and therefore have more iron and iron deposits on them. This, along with a rougher surface, enable contaminants to stick and metals to change color. Our passivation machine uses electric current and phosphoric acid to remove the contaminants and smooth out the finish resulting in a new surface and factory look. It literally sizzles as we clean the metal surface. A side benefit is now that the metal has been passivated, the iron contaminants present in the manufacturing process and the valleys in the metal surface are now gone and the metal should stay looking cleaner and new longer.

If you have an exhaust that looks "shockingly" bad, give us a call and let's get that remedied with our ElectroPolishing Process!

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