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Cosmoline Protective Wax can be a Negative?

There is a ton of debate about originality and for many cars they come coated from the factory with either Tar or Cosmoline (a paraffin wax). Seeing these coatings in place or removed can often aid in determining the provenance or condition of a collector car. The downside of these coatings is they are sticky and typically covered with dirt and grime. In addition, the coatings conceal the true condition of the surface underneath.

Here we have the perfect example of an extremely low mileage collector car, that is very valuable, and completely covered in the factory coatings. Typically we would not clean a car of this condition to preserve history. Our client decided they preferred to dramatically improve the look and remove all the sticky coatings.

What we found was a bit shocking. You can see the before an after for this front suspension. Basically the wax coating had failed to protect and instead was actually holding in moisture and enabling rust to form. Had we not cleaned this, who knows how much more damage would develop.

So if you have an ultra low mile car, would you prefer to leave the coating in place, or get the true picture of what's underneath? Either way we're here to help you with your Dry Ice Cleaning or Dry Ice Blasting collector car project. Go to or give us a call to create a strategy with you and your prized collection, whether its one car or one hundred, we're here to help!

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