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Do you have a Crusty Muscle Car?

Its quite interesting that cars produced in different countries or geographies respond differently to Dry Ice Cleaning. German cars deliver a wow factor you generally see on YouTube. They are typically covered in cosmoline wax that preserves the finishes.

American muscle cars, trucks and classics generally don't have these coatings and are open to the environment which can cause them to generally become crusty on the bottom. While Dry Ice Cleaning can clean up many of those surfaces, unfortunately the look can be somewhat underwhelming.

At R20 Motorsports, we have a solution to the crusty muscle car. We source a specialty high end undercoating from Waxoyl which enables us to restore the beauty below. First we Dry Ice clean away as much crust and rust as possible. Second we can coat the entire underbody or for a more natural / contrasting look we can target certain areas with the coating to give your car the pop it deserves. The best part of this coating is that it bites into the surfaces and stops the rust process to preserve your classic car.

Check out the gallery below on a very cool restomod Oldsmobile 442. The before picture is after a dry ice clean, and realistically to get that nice fresh look, this car would need a body off repaint. But that's is an incredible investment, we can use our specialty coating and tricks to restore and preserve the bottom of this car for a fraction of the cost of a restoration.

Contact us today to discuss your crusty project, or any other underbody and Dry Ice needs!

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