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It's all in the Details!

Our goal at R20 Motorsports is to make the bottom of your Porsche or any other collector car look just as good as the top. Our Dry Ice Cleaning technology is at the cutting edge of collector car maintenance and restoration.

But sometimes it's the small ,simple things that make the result stand out from the the crowd. Take this beautiful Porsche 964 generation 911 Turbo. It's been setup for street / track use and someone has really put this machine to good use on a track. Those laps have taken a toll on the hardware that secures the fender liners.

We can't put back a clean but ugly screw, so we take all the hardware and clean it with dry ice. The cad plated screws looked great so they went back on the car, but the black screws were chipped and dull. To bring them back, we hand painted each screw a nice satin black to make them look similar to how this car would have left the factory.

If you are an obsessed collector car owner, we can help you get all the little details perfect so you can just enjoy your ride! Give us a call to discuss your project today!

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