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Power is Nothing without Control

Updated: Sep 2, 2023

Back in the 1990's Pirelli introduced a new ad campaign with the slogan "Power is nothing without control." In 1985 Ferrari introduced a supercar that defined the 80's, the Ferrari Testarossa, with 380hp flowing out of its flat V12 mid mounted engine. It's ironic that while most Ferrari's over the years wore Pirelli tires, the Testarossa came shod with Goodyear Eagle Gatorbacks, the goto super car tire of its time. I guess even Ferrari knew they needed the ability to "control" those 380 horses even if it meant running an American Tire.

Ferrari Testarossa Engine Bay After Dry Ice Cleaning
Ferrari Testarossa Engine Bay

So what does all this have to do with Dry Ice Cleaning? We had the opportunity this week to clean and detail the engine bay of a beautiful 1985, single mirror Ferrari Testarossa in iconic red over tan configuration. While the drivetrain of these cars was race bred, the finishes and assembly were not as sophisticated, and it's clear where Ferrari spent their time and money. As a result, the there are a myriad of finishes, textures and materials in the engine bay that can be easily damaged with conventional cleaning techniques, let alone Dry Ice Blasting.

Fortunately for us we have the right equipment for Dry Ice Cleaning highly collectible cars. What makes our tools effective is "Power with Control." We have the ability to control pressure like most dry ice cleaners, but its the ability to control the flow of dry ice and most importantly the size of the dry ice particle that enables us to safely clean something as sophisticated yet fragile as a Ferrari. At the same time we can turn the machine up to full power and strip paint, or the nastiest of all coatings and contaminants.

If you are driving something as exotic as this Ferrari, or simple as a muscle car, give us a call to discuss your Dry Ice Blasting project, after all we have the power and control to get the best out of your ride. You can find our work at

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