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The Ultimate "Dry Ice Cleaning" Machine

I have been a fan of BMW products since the 1980's. Awhile back a clever ad agency coined the term "Ultimate Driving Machine" to describe BMW's and it certainly fit the way BMW's felt and drove. The pinnacle of that that driving experience would have to be an E39 generation M5.

We recently had the opportunity to Dry Ice Blast a beautiful 2000 Imola Red M5 with about 50,000 miles. Our client is getting the car ready to sell on Bring-A-Trailer and knows that a properly cleaned underbody with great photos is a key asset in that process.

The 90's-00's generation BMW's are built so fantastically well that after Dry Ice Cleaning they literally look brand new, even with tens of thousands of miles. E36, E39, E46 M models all look brilliant, just to name a few. That's why I like to call these BMW's the "Ultimate Dry Ice Cleaning Machines!" Check out our project and give us a call if you have an "Ultimate Driving Machine" or any other collectible, JDM, European or classic car or truck that needs the Ultimate Dry Ice Cleaning service!

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