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What does Preservation, No Disassembly Required Mean?

Think about your all original collector car that has lived decades and may or may not be in a perfect cosmetic condition. If you want to bring all the surfaces on the bottom of that car back to the way it left the factory, in the past you would have to literally take the car apart. You would disassemble and clean all the parts, maybe some stuff would get refinished, it is such a daunting task.

With our Dry Ice Cleaning process, we can bring back the factory look without all the mechanical work we used in the past. Instead, our process can clean all those complex parts in situ so instead of touching every part, our clients can address the parts that really need addressing, repaint, repair etc. 98% of the parts that don't are now clean and undisturbed. This is much more important the newer the car.

Think about a '69 Camaro vs a '94 Porsche 928GTS. Similar size, V8, 2 doors, but the complexity of the newer car is off the charts. You can't replace many of the plastic, electronic parts or wiring, and the minute you touch it, they tend to fall apart. Our process eliminates that risk.

We know Dry Ice is a substantial investment in your collector car, but it is a fraction of the cost to disassemble and reassemble. Therefore Dry Ice Cleaning, no disassembly required!

Please let us know how we can help you with your next project!

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