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What is Dry Ice Cleaning?

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

Have you ever put your exotic or collector sports car up in the air and were shocked at how filthy the bottom of your car looks? Even cars with low mileage, say 10-20K, can be entirely black and covered with road grime and dirt. In the past if you wanted to address this issue, you would need to get out your scrub brush and harsh chemicals, or you might employ a professional steam cleaner to address this issue. Those methods are dangerous, not only to finishes and electronics on your precious vehicle, but also to the environment.

That's where Dry Ice comes in. At R20 Motorsports we use sophisticated equipment from Coldjet and Kaeser to clean, restore and preserve the complicated finishes in hard to reach areas on your car. Dry Ice has 3 fundamental properties (ICE) that enable it to be the ultimate clean car solution:

  • Impact - Our process uses compressed air to literally blast Dry Ice particles at the surface we are cleaning. This velocity creates an impact to the surface that removes dirt and grime.

  • Cold - Dry ice, with a temperature of -109F, will cool the part and the contaminant using thermal effect. This causes the part and the contaminant to freeze and thaw at different rates thus breaking the bond of the dirt.

  • Expansion - Dry ice does not melt, it sublimates, meaning it converts from a solid straight to a gas. This sublimation process creates a massive expansion, sort of like a mini explosion. When these explosions encounter a contaminant, they literally blast it off the surface you are cleaning.

Dry Ice cleaning is an exciting new process in the automotive space and we are ready to advise and help you with your exotic or collector car project, just give us a call or send us an email at to start the process today.

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